FAQs Abortion in Malta

Is abortion legal in Malta?

No. The Criminal Code strictly prohibits abortion in Malta, making it the only EU member state that prohibits abortion in its entirety.

Is abortion also unlawful in the case of rape or incest or if there is an irreversible malformation of the foetus?

Yes, abortion is prohibited in these cases too. Abortion is also not permitted if the pregnancy will be seriously psychologically detrimental to the mother.

What if the mother is going to die as a result of the pregnancy?

While not expressly permitted by law, where the pregnancy causes a risk to the mother, such as when there is an ectopic pregnancy, medical practitioners do terminate the pregnancy. 

What if a woman procures a miscarriage?

Where a pregnant woman procures the miscarriage, such as through an abortive pill, the same criminal penalties apply.

Are morning after pills legal?

Since late 2016 it became possible the morning after pill became available for sale from pharmacies in Malta.

How can a women in Malta have safe access to abortion?

In order to access an abortion service, women in Malta have to travel abroad.

Can a woman who undergoes an abortion in another EU member state and returns to Malta be prosecuted in Malta

No. A woman who successfully undergoes an abortion abroad cannot be prosecuted in Malta for having carried out an abortion abroad.

Where can I get help from if I need an abortion and I am presently living in Malta?

While abortion is illegal in Malta there are many charities who assist women in such difficult times. These include:
- Doctors for choice Malta
- Abortion Support Network (based in the UK)

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