Due to certain circumstances the birth certificate of a child may not reflect the names of the parents of that child. In a good number of cases, the law provides a remedy to those who require a change in the birth certificate. 

Unknown Parents

Father Unkown
The birth certificate may read Father Unknown when the name of the father of the child is known. Similarly, the name of a wrong man may be listed as the father of the child on the birth certificate.

Mother Unknown
Albeit rare, there are cases where the mother of a child is unknown. A mother could have given birth in secret and left the child in the hands of third parties. Another instance when the mother of a child is put into question is when a child is conceived by the technique of in-vitro fertilization.

There are hardly any court cases concerning the status of the mother.  

DNA Tests

All evidence which demonstrates that a change in the birth certificate of a child is required is admissible in court. DNA tests have become accessible and affordable. The results of DNA tests can offer rock-solid evidence that the biological parent is not that named in the birth certificate. There are a few situations where the Law Courts, in the face of DNA showing that the biological father is not the one named in the child’s birth certificate, still refuses to order a change in the name of the parent. There are circumstances provided in the law, wherein the Courts are disallowed from ordering a change in the birth certificate.

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